I am considering downloading an ebook, such as site or Kobo; are there any plans to make the Malifaux books and stat cards available for digital. The stat cards are available over on the Malifaux Downloads page In addition to releasing the stat cards in PDF form Wyrd has opened up a. A free download of the rules for Malifaux! Malifaux - Frequently Asked Questions and Errata. Organized Quick reference cards for summoners in Malifaux.

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Malifaux Stat Cards - V2_Guild - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. So I'm looking to get into Malifaux, but am having a hell of a time deciding which Oh, apparently I was not aware that the stat cards were in the books. Thanks!. In keeping up with their tradition of great customer support and dedication to keeping their game from being too expensive Wyrd Miniatures has released the v2.


In a last desperate attempt to find a new source of magic the remaining spellcasters on earth united in one place to cast a grand spell. In addition to releasing the stat cards in PDF form Wyrd has opened up a trade in program for your old stat cards.

They are living nightmares, fairy tails made flesh and fiercely antagonistic of the invaders from across the breach. This is GW standing up in the crowd and telling everyone they are king.

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