Reading Raw Data Not in Standard Format Selected Informats From The Little SASĀ® Book, Fifth Edition. Full book available for download here. The Little SAS Book is essential for anyone learning SAS programming. This friendly, easy-to-read guide gently and clearly introduces you to the most commonly. For additional SAS resources, visit x The Little SAS Book Introducing SAS Software SAS software is used by millions of people all.

Little Sas Book

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The Little SAS Book. Reading Raw Data Not in Standard Format Selected Informats Mixing Input Styles Reading Messy Raw Data Editorial Reviews. Review. "The new edition of The Little SAS Book does an excellent job of. Now in its fourth edition, The Little SAS Book is a classic, helping many people learn SAS programming. Authors Lora Delwiche and Susan Slaughter's friendly, .

This makes it easier for you to check something particular or just take a break without waiting too long. But if they have more advanced materials in it, it would be better for me.

Aug 03, J. Note that this is a review of an older edition; I can't speak to the latest version.

Anyway, this book was amazing. I don't think it's ideal as the only supplement to use when beginning to work with SAS, but as someone who had the basics in a college class and then only occasionally used that language, it more than met my needs. Many short chapters, each revolving around a different task to do with SAS and a short program to serve as a template.

Been years since I've tackled a SAS issue and I sti Note that this is a review of an older edition; I can't speak to the latest version. I think I actually have the first edition of this. I bought it in when I knew my job was going to include SAS. If you are a regular programmer learning SAS then be prepared to think entirely differently.

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This book did help with that. Basically, for SAS your whole program is one big old foreach loop. I had a different SAS book that I used sometimes but this one was by far more helpful most of the time.

While obviously not a gripping read, this book is really well done as a general, quick reference to using SAS programming. I also appreciated the authors' attempts at making the book less dry than it easily could have been, and liberal use of examples.

Dec 24, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: I read this when I was programming I guess that is obvious. It was helpful, but the class was more helpful. When the professor and another professor came to help try to decode the original program, I understood and went back to this help for assistance after they were gone.

The Little SAS Book: A Primer, Fifth Edition

They really taught me the basics. Very informative, but given the choice, I would have stuck with the other book. I found this an invaluable introduction to SAS programming, and as a system administrator, I think this should be required reading for anyone using SAS, or responsible for managing a SAS environment for customers.

Jul 11, Mohammad rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is my Bible for this new statistical world! Good introduction to the SAS programming language. I still refer to it occasionally. Aug 16, Irwan rated it liked it Shelves: It answered my question left by the previous book on this application.

The Little SAS Book : A Primer, Fifth Edition

Feb 21, Carla rated it really liked it Shelves: Good to get a feel for SAS, but if you're looking more for design or anything beyond a simple proc glm code then this book will not be very helpful. Jun 28, Vicki Fu rated it really liked it.

Too easy, maybe because SAS itself is very easy. Pretty basic but does the job as a supplement.

Aug 28, Benjamin rated it liked it. Actually using the Fourth Edition. This book is as helpful as ever. I use it almost daily to make a quick reference. Other changes include expanded coverage of linguistic sorting and a new section on concatenating macro variables with other text.

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This title belongs on every SAS programmer's bookshelf. It's a resource not just to get you started, but one you'll return to as you continue to improve your programming skills.

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The Little SAS Book: A Primer, Fifth Edition, 5th Edition

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We had no idea back then that we would still be writing SAS books all these years later. We had each worked at help desks and had seen where beginners get stuck, and we quickly discovered a shared vision for the book. We wanted the book to be small and friendly, cover each topic in just two facing pages, contain programs that are complete and executable, use graphics to illustrate the topics, cover debugging, and avoid jargon as much as possible.

As an ironic, literary touch, we also decided to put quotations at the beginning of each chapter. Settling on the concept for the book was the easy part; writing it took much longer.

It took a year just to write the proposal.Sep 10, Em rated it it was amazing Shelves: So I tried several times to contact SAS press to get permission to translate it into Chinese, but no reply. Been years since I've tackled a SAS issue and I sti Note that this is a review of an older edition; I can't speak to the latest version. There is not a single questions in the book.

Details if other: I didn't think this book was that useful. More filters. Enlarge cover.

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