Book reviews. Jun 15, at pm. Frigid series (#) by J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout #ContemporaryRomance #NA #College Published #1. FRIGID SERIES BY JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT For twenty-one-year-old Sydney, being in love with Kyler isn't anything new. They'd been. -Frigid -Scorched -moonlight scandals -The struggle -the prophecy (Nephilim Rising 1) Armentrout, Jennifer L_ Lynn, as J - KB.

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Read "Frigid" by J. Lynn available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Originally published November For. Jennifer L Armentrout, also known as J Lynn, is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the Lux and Gamble Brothers J. Lynn Author cover image of Frigid . Frigid book. Frigid. (Frigid #1). by. Jennifer L. Armentrout (Goodreads Author),. J. Lynn To ask other readers questions about Frigid, please sign up. Popular.

Next Frigid by J. Lynn Free Download. Read online books at qclix. But the more he gets to know her, the more it becomes obvious that Andrea has a problem. They'd been best friends ever since he pushed her down on the playground and she made him eat a mud pie. She's had a major crush on Tanner since her freshman year of college until something happens and she starts to think of him differently.

For some reason I enjoyed more the first half of the story.

This is where it starts going down hill for me. Next Indigo When she's not hard at work writing, she spends her time, reading, working out, watching zombie movies, and pretending to write.

It gives you a better insight of their personality and wiches, ans fears and all that. Reviews of the Frigid Thus far concerning the publication we've got Frigid feedback customers never have however left his or her review of the action, or otherwise see clearly still. He's also getting ready to go into the academy to be a police officer.

Tanner is a volunteer firefighter. I didn't really understand why Andrea had the issues she did. Andrea has some problems she tries to deal with. I would have preferred the entire story to be that way.

I expect better from a seasoned author. So, yes, that central part of the novel made me nervous. Next Scorched Frigid 2 by Jennifer L. One minute, she was sweet as sugar to me, the next she had a bite more venomous than a copperhead. Most of the time they are trading barbs and insults with each other until the other one gets pissed off and walks away.

After all, Kyler will always be the poor boy from the wrong side of tracks, and Syd will always be the one girl he can never have. Because that guy knows how to be sweet and tender and loving. Lynn for FREE! I liked her especialy in the first part, before feelings started blowing up and all that. Their friends invite both of them to a cabin for a week and there they start to realize they misjudged each other and they actually can be friends.

Some of the techniques listed in Frigid may require a sound knowledge of Hypnosis, users are advised to either leave those sections or must have a basic understanding of the subject before practicing them. Update your browser to continue using indigo. To view it, click here. My thoughts on this book are my sole opinion and mine alone. Please be respectful and mindful of that. All that blank space up there?

That's me, after just finishing this book. Which I'm surprised I did, considering the amount of times I stopped reading to look at the clouds outside my window that were infinitely more interesting than what I have just read. Dear Lord, and here was me being nice and giving "J. Lynn" another chance. As soon as the Convenant series is done Disclaimer: As soon as the Convenant series is done, I am done.

Done with everything. In the interest of those who actually want to read this book: Consider yourself warned. This review isn't going to be a lightly hashed recap of what I didn't like.

This isn't going to be me being all nice and lovely like I usually am. I'm annoyed, more than usually so, and this time, I've had enough, so I'm going into full haul rant mode, and frankly, if you don't want to read a rant, then skip along to the other reviews. Also, any views shared here are my personal views, and by all means I don't think that you HAVE to share them. And yes, I am well aware that this is fiction. And it's just a book.

And I didn't have to read it. But I don't care. Okay, so with that out the way, let's begin. I don't really have any major qualms with Jennifer Armentrout.

I love the Covenant series, and the first time I read Obsidian, I really enjoyed it. I've never read any of her other adult books, and after reading Wait For You, I was extremely let down. But the fact is, I wanted to give her another go. And Frigid was that go I was planning on giving. I pre-ordered my copy and psyched myself up thinking that if anything, the whole 'fall in love with your best friend'trope would prove some satisfaction. After all, this is the girl who has for the last three weeks, after being sick, has lived off stories of bad boys and best friends on Wattpad.

Then Kyler and Sydney started arguing in the car, and from there everything went downhill with one big eyeroll. Let me explain what I hated about this book: Last time I checked, it took two people to be in a relationship, whether it was strictly platonic or not.

Sykler I'm only giving them the nickname because I can't be assed writing out their names all the time , simply put, do not understand the meaning of communication. Which for two people who were supposed to be best friends, they lacked - a lot. All I got from the book was that Kyler was the guy that Sydney was in love with and they just happened to know each other from childhood. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, throughout the whole entire book that made me believe that they were the epitome of inseparable.

Even when Kyler moans about Sydney hooking up with Nate. Not when Sydney is bitching about all the girls that Kyler's hooked up with when they were young and how he left her countless times for other girls.

Nothing about their supposed friendship was believable. Instead, all I got from them was how perfect the other was, which was mindsappingly nauseating.

Sydney, for someone who was 21 and graduating university, was the most stupidest, sappiest idiot I've ever read. What makes it even more hilarious is that she's studying Psychology, and she hasn't got two freaking brain cells to make up her own decisions and choices. Even in the end, it's other people that point out to her that just maybe she was being too harsh on Kyler. Because hey, isn't that the point of the whole book? Crazy more on that later , which is actually that this Sascha chick wanted Kyler to help her put tarp in her windows because her cray cray boyfie went cray cray and shot them all out.

And because Sydney thinks that Kyler is a cheating man whore slut, she doesn't bother to listen to his side of the story She was also highly immature. If at any point she'd been rational in her feelings, maybe half the stuff that happened wouldn't have happened. And let's not get started on Kyler. He was so superficial it made me want to barf. He declares that he was in love with Sydney since forever, but he never once shows her that he's in love with her. He's all, I'm in love with her, I'm in love with her at the second half of the book, saying he'd been in love with her for ages, but the whole start of the book is him being completely clueless about Sydney.

I mean, I understand if you've just realized that you've been in love with your whole life, but jeez, make up your mind kid! He treats Sydney like shit all the time as well. Which leads me to my next point. And the most random sex too. Now, I'm not a prude.

I do like some sex in my novel. But what makes it okay to have most of it in your novel?

I'm sick of it. Wny does being 18 to 25 mean that you have to fill a book full of sex scenes instead of creating real, mature and relational characters? I don't want to be reading about sex. If I did, I'd be reading a Mills and Boons. I'm sick of reading about guys that are ruled by their dicks.

So I'm not a guy, but seriously? Kyler's form of showing love was a boner and a jack off session thinking of Skyler. And this novel, ohhhh it took the cake. Because as soon as Skyler discovered their feelings for each other, it was just them having sex. Seriously, at least give your characters more backbone than that. There's a scene - the most weirdest scene I've ever read in my life, where Sydney says that she wants to have sex with Kyler because she can't tell him that she's in love with him say what?

Okay, firstly, WTF? I know it's a blizzard, but for someone meant to be as meek but in control as Sydney is supposed to be, she's okay with being slammed against a window? Nah ah. And guess what? Crazy guy shoots the window and it explodes! Alright, so now it's time to explain - or try to - Crazy Guy. So the weird subplot of the book was that this Crazy Guy was out there playing serial killer during the storm. It was a plot that could have made the book better than it was, but just fell flat.

The climax was when Kyler left to go do something at the Lodge, and was pulled away by Sascha, Crazy Guy's ex, and while he was 'fixing her windows' Crazy Guy was assaulting Sydney. Who Kyler supposedly was madly in love with at this stage, and couldn't just say no to Sascha. Here's how the conversation should have gone between Kyler and Sascha: Aw Sasch, I'm sorry, but I've actually only come out to get some more firewood, I don't have time to fix your windows because I need to get back to my girlfriend.

Aw Ky, baby, you don't do girlfriends. Sascha, there's like a freaking resort full of people here that you work with. Get them to help you with your windows. I'm a guest here, not the maintenance guy.

What the hell dude, if you're in love with a girl, you don't just leave her to crash and burn if another chick whose clearly looking to get into your pants is hitting on you, whether your a good guy or not. The final icing on the cake for me was a bit of a personal one. This is where I stress again this is my personal opinion, and am in no way meaning that it has to be yours, but if it's one thing that annoys the hell out of me, it's Christmas. And I love Christmas. I love that despite the fact that not everyone in the world is Christian, people can come together on one day of the year to be with their loved ones.

But there's one thing I do not tolerate: It's about Christians celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Anyone who says differently is trying to make themselves look all spiritual and shit.

I keep it real. I draw the line there. I don't care if Christianity got the actual date wrong. Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It's not about receiving presents. The whole freaking reason you get presents is because of the 3 Wise Men bestowing gifts on the baby Jesus. I get that not everyone is Christian. Not everyone believes in God.

But the fact still remains, this is a Christian celebration, not some excuse for you to get presents. That's completely materialistic way of looking at it. It's like saying Happy Holidays because you don't to offend non-religious people.

It's bullshit. Anyway, I'm not going to get caught in a religious debate. So I'm leaving my rant there. As you can guess, this book ruined pretty much any hope that I'll read another JLA novel, whatever name it's under.

I'm so freaking sick of New Adult being some sort of mindless sex romp for unrealistic new adults who have no concept of the real world and how to act in it.

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NA is supposed to be about wearing the big girl's panties, and all we get is a load of rubbish. Now, that might sound hypocritical coming from "me", but whatevs.

I've had enough. When someone's able to portray realistic characters, then I'll pay attention. I really hope that if you do read this book, you'll enjoy it. I don't ever want to say to someone never read a book because I hated it. It's not fair. I will admit one thing though: View all 19 comments. What's it all about Kyler Quinn and Sydney Bell have been best friends since well, forever. They have shared life, friends and momentous occasions together but the one thing th 4.

They have shared life, friends and momentous occasions together but the one thing they haven't shared is their secret love for one another, but all that changes when these two 'meant to be' characters are caught up in a snow storm which forces them to spend some quality alone time away from the distractions of Kylers man whore ways and Sydney's shy crush. Meet the characters Kyler Quinn is a loveable and equally likeable man who believes he's not good enough for the best friend he loves.

The antidote to his secret feelings is to be the university's resident man whore, but with a golden heart and a face to match its not long before we see the real side of this hero. Readers be prepared to fall for Kyler, six pack, dimples and a personality to match, you'll be adding to your book boyfriend lists.

Sydney Bell has crushed so long for her best friend it's a little painful. The author created a character that is shy, a little awkward and lacking in confidence, it may be the case that some readers may find her on the annoying side, but I warmed to her wall flower ways and championed her goal to be brave and go for her man. As the story develops so does Sydney and I liked that the author choose to throw in some true to life insecurities into Sydney's inner- dialogue.

What I loved The beginning of 'Frigid' definitely grabbed my attention, I was interested in how the story would play out and I was hooked with the characters from the start. This sweet story ticked all my 'loved up' boxes and I hand on heart enjoyed this book thoroughly, overall it left me with a respectable four plus star feeling.

Final thoughts This story left me with a huge smile on my face, and although I rated it 4 stars there were more than a few glimpses of a 5 star story. Fans of this author or readers who enjoy a friends to lovers entertaining story should definitely try this out. A quick, sweet and at time blush-worthy romance, enjoy readers Go get your Kyler fix. View all comments. Jul 15, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: What a wonderful, unexpected breath of fresh air!

I've had such a hard time with the New Adult genre lately. If I wanted to hear about that kind of thing, I'd go ask my ten year old about the gossip going on in her fifth grade classroom. Fortunately, that was not the case here. Sydney and Kyl What a wonderful, unexpected breath of fresh air! Sydney and Kyler's story felt realistic and heartwarming, just angsty enough to make my tummy clench, and ri-dic-u-lously hot sexy times without any form of BDSM theme to be found.

This was truly a New Adult novel to sink into, and I did. I read it in one sitting, staying up late long after my eyes wanted to close. Sydney and Kyler have been friends since they were six years old, back when friendship was built on simple affection. Kyler was the poor new kid in town, Sydney the sweet little girl in class. The years have gone by and they remained extremely close.

Each of them secretly feels affection for the other, and not just the love of a friend. But Kyler's womanizing ways have led Sydney to feel inferior and not up to his standards. A girl's mind is an odd place to be, isn't it? Because Ryan feels exactly the opposite as she thinks he does. He's never felt good enough for her. She was practically pristine and fresh.

She was untouchable. She was everything to me. Both are looking at their future not as 'the future' but as 'right now'. This is a true New Adult in the fact that Sydney and Kyler are growing up. Yes, they still like to party a bit, they still retain some freshness that is exclusive to youth. But they are also mature, looking to make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Kyler's done with the random women who have never been all that great anyways.

And Sydney is tired of being the girl in the background of Kyler's life. She's ready to move on from him, ready to find her own kind of happy and stop pining over a man that will only ever be her friend. When their group of friends heads to Kyler's family winter home on the ski slopes, they don't plan to be stuck in a wild blizzard for the entire week.

But the friends get stuck on the road and have to turn back, forcing the reluctant lovebirds to spend a tension filled week alone together, with their feelings finally brought to the surface. I felt so bad for Sydney, because she tries to be brave and let Kyler know how she feels.

But everything comes out wrong, and Kyler completely misunderstands what she wants from him. He just can't fathom that she loves him like he loves her, because he's set her so far above every other girl. Not to mention that he's seen how it disappoints her to see the girls go in and out of his revolving bedroom door.

He is his own worst enemy One fuck up among hundreds, if not thousands, and each time I was scared shitless that it would be the last time. That she would get fed up with me - with the girls, the partying , the whatever - discover that she was a thousand times better off without me, and walk out of my life.. He was so repentant and so down on himself. His character kind of reminded me of the promiscuous girl that we all knew in high school, sleeping around and looking for love I felt bad for him.

Their feelings inevitably come to light, and sweetness and hotness ensues. I simply loved how their relationship progressed after the big revelation.

The author adds a little bit of humor, more sensuality than sexuality, but still with an unexpectedly high level of steam. I was so impressed with this book, and although I'd held off on reading this author because of her obnoxious bent toward awful cliffhangers and unfinished stories, this was a fully told romance with a very definite end.

View all 74 comments. Jan 27, Christy rated it really liked it. Being in love with your best friend is rough, especially when the feelings are one sided. Sydney has loved Kyler for as long as she can remember. They have been best friends since they were children. Even though it hurts seeing him with g 4. Even though it hurts seeing him with girl after girl. Kyler remembers when he and Sydney first became friends.

He was just the boy from the trailer park, and Sydney saw past that, saw the real him. He has always cared for her. Syd is different than any other girl. She is special. She is too good for any guy, especially him.

Any feelings he has for her, he covers up by being with random girls. Syd would always deserve far better than that, and far better than me, no matter how deep she lived inside of me. Syd and Kyler are going to the ski resort like always. A huge snow storm hits. They get stranded there. While stuck alone, Kyler and Sydney are forced to deal with these feelings they have for each other. Any female with ovaries would be affected.

Kyler oozed sex appeal, a dangerous mix of looks and intelligence wrapped in an air of unpredictability. Kyler had some of the best quotes. He was charming, and endearing. I loved reading from his pov. I felt for Sydney. Unrequited love is the worst.

She was sweet and funny at times. Really, is there anything better than a best friends to lovers story? I just love it. Sweet, sexy, steamy, a small amount of suspense, and a little angsty.

See a Problem?

There is some definite miscommunication going on, which was frustrating at times. The ending was wonderful. I give it 4.

View all 55 comments. Mar 28, Catarina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Every second of it. So, Kyler and Sydney are best friends since they were kids.

He sees, he does, and he leaves. And she knows that he will never see more in her that a best friend. So for years she suffers, wat 5 Snow Bunnies Stars!!

So for years she suffers, watching him with a different girl every night and knowing that she will never one of them, let along be the one who stays there all the nights. Kyler had a rough past and that made him not having the best idea about himself.

Too bad that void is never filled. But when they are stuck alone and together in the middle of a snowstorm, the pressure begins to rise and the stakes are getting higher.

And they have to know what to do with that. I loved this book. I love their relationship and how it developed.

Although annoying me a little, I also liked Sydney a lot. I definitely loved Kyler.

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He is sweet, and cocky and extremely sexy. Awesome buddy read with my dearest friend Ana Rita. View all 44 comments. Nov 19, Angela marked it as to-read Shelves: View all 7 comments. A totally used plot.. The characters seemed very immature; personality wise. They didn't seem like they were The twist was so predictable.

I expected a lot more seeing as all my friends gave this book 4 and 5 stars. The only thing I loved about this book was the cover. View all 11 comments. Different reasons have stopped them from following through on anything.

Finally, things start to change when they are stranded in a cabin during a snow storm. For the most part, I enjoyed this story. It's not complicated and it's an easy read. Besides the emotional yo-yo, there is some suspense but even that is easy to figure out.

I did like both Kyler and Sydney. They are sweet and 3. They are sweet and easy to like I loved how they knew each other for sooo long and had so many great memories.

It just seemed to go on for too long! And then even after things started going, she still worried about everything. Kyler wasn't much better and then top his problems off with his just not thinking! He did and said some things without thinking about the consequences or how it would come across.

I did enjoy Kyler and Sydney when they got together.

I loved that Kyler took care of her and made things good for her. I liked that Kyler did things "differently" with Sydney It really helped getting both their POV's I just love when authors do that!

The tattoo and the picture frames were really romantic. Andrea and Tanner are really great best friends. I was impressed how they were always there for Kyler and Sydney and I loved all their meddling. It would be interesting to see how things go between them. I saw that there is a Frigid 2 and I was hoping it would be their story but it says it's a companion.

I'm guessing more of Kyler's POV? The suspense plot added a little spice to the story It wasn't hard to figure out who it was but I did enjoyed how it all came together. The big question is did Kyler redeemed himself? I think he did and I liked his reasoning's.

I thought it was wonderful how both Kyler and Sydney's parents acted. Favorite quotes: And I wish I could go back and relive those hours. View all 60 comments. Nov 01, Lucia rated it it was ok Shelves: Frigid is sexy romance story which frustrated the hell out of me!

My Kyler and Sydney: Sydney is really nice but uptight 21 years old girl who is in love with her best friend Kyler. It pains her to see him man-whore his way at college but her feelings for him are only getting stronger. She thinks she doesn't stand a chance and she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Kyler doesn't care about countless girls she slept with but he does care for his best friend Sydney. However, he tries to persuade Frigid is sexy romance story which frustrated the hell out of me!

However, he tries to persuade himself that he is not good enough for her but he still has this urger to "protect" her from every potential suitor. What happens when only two of them get stuck in a ski resort, cut off from the rest of the world for couple of days? I wasn't sure what to think of Kyler at the beginning. He was arrogant and so full of himself. But fortunatelly, this book is written in dual POV and seeing things from his perspective definitely helped a lot. Syd was a very naive girl.

Like really girly unexperienced naive. But since she realized that denial didn't work and she grew some "lady balls" I started to like her. Frigid was full of suppressed feelings, sexual frustration and plenty of jelaousy.

There was drama, angst and some sexy parts too but I could not enjoy this book. This was not the best by J.

Guess I have been spoiled by her previous books and this story kind of pales in comparison with her other stories! View all 43 comments. But this one just didn't work for me. The Plot: The first half of the book You two seriously need to have a conversation. I hate spending the entire book in a state of miscommunication. Poor, poor Sydney. Is anyone really THAT clumsy???

And every time she opened her mouth She was just too over-the-top insecure and weak. To the point of it being annoying. I didn't really find that he had any redeeming qualities either. Not like Daemon, Hunter and Cam. The whole "attacker" scene at the cabin JLA--I'm going to give you a free pass on this one! View all 16 comments.

View all 4 comments. Mar 29, Sandra rated it liked it Shelves: No one could replace me in his life. I knew that. I was the friend who knew everything about him and whom he trusted above everyone else.

I was Kyler's best friend. And because of that, he would never love me the way i loved him. Sydney has been secretly in love with her best friend, Kyler, since what seems like forever. She hates that he is a man-whore and a player who never says 'no' to a girl that wants to jump his bones. The only excpetion?

For Kyler, Sydney is the only girl who owns No one could replace me in his life. For Kyler, Sydney is the only girl who owns his heart.

He doesn't deserve her, so he stays away and cherishes the only thing he can - their everlasting friendship. But when they get caught in a snow storm, they are stuck in Kyler's mum cabin. Can they stay away from each other? Or will there secrets and passions be laid down bare? And what if they cave - will anything ever be the same again?

Jennifer has provided us with a cute romance novel that i liked. But there was something missing in it. I felt like there was not enough 'depth' and that the book was not throughout very well. The first part of Frigid i actually really liked. I thought it will be a 4 star read. Do you know what happened? Sydney happened. What i thought of Sydney? In my opinion him not being 'good' enough for her is a big piece of bullshit because he deserves so much more than an overreacting , overbearing and not knowing anything girl.

Kayler kisses her and she's like "Why did you stop? He was a great guy! Protective , sweet , thoughful , tender , and freaking HOT! I heart you. The plot is wayyy old. I think i read that a thousand times already. Since this is Jennifer L. Armentrout we are talking about, i was disappointed because i thought she would write something a bit different.

At times i zoomed out whilst reading and even skipped a bit. What i hated the most was how predictable the book was. The ending when view spoiler [Sydney got attacked by Zach and the other guy and she didn't even think it might be him, she didn't recognize him only later hide spoiler ] i was like But the reason i gave this book 3 stars was because i personally could very much relate to falling for you best friend been there, done that, honey , and also because the book was a bit entertaining.

Overall , I liked Frigid. A cute , short read that i recommend you read in winter for full enjoyment: Sincerely - The Critic View all 32 comments.

Das mit Abstand schlechteste Buch, das ich von Jennifer L. Armentrout bisher gelesen habe. Me encantan los libros donde los protagonista tienen un tira y afloja entre ellos. Si le tengo que poner un pero es el protagonista masculino. Was soll ich sagen, es ist halt JLArmentrout!

Der Schreibstil ist einfach toll, Kyler und Sydney so sympathisch und die erotischen Szenen - holla die Waldfee! And it could be worse, I guessed.

I could have been in love with a male stripper or a drug addict. Kyler Quinn was neither of those things. Although he could easily be passed off a male stripper with those jaw dropping good looks and messy brown hair, and he was addictive as any drug out there. They have been best friends since they were kids, and somewhere between falling out a tree and high school She's in love with Kyler but is afraid to say anything.

Can a weekend away stranded in a blizzard bring these two together? Will Kyler feel the same way about her? You just have to read this to find out. I loved this book sooooooooo much! Kyler was so yummy Seriously, i recommend this book to everyone! NOT in the almost a little kid sister kind of way.Download epub read online from scribd. It was a funny and an enjoyable book. Kyler puts the 'man' in man-whore.

If at any point she'd been rational in her feelings, maybe half the stuff that happened wouldn't have happened. Lynn , Jennifer L.

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